New Technology COB LED Strip

The cob light strip is a new type of linear light strip with high brightness and high CRI. It has beautiful appearance, highly consistent product color, uniform and soft light, and can achieve multi-level waterproofing. It adopts flip-chip packaging technology and has good heat dissipation. It has many excellent characteristics such as stability, low heat and long life.
Ingenious craftsmanship achieves excellent quality, cob light strip production materials:
LED chip, solder paste, PCB circuit board, phosphor, silica gel, terminal, adhesive, reel, flip chip bonder, reflow soldering, glue dispenser, testing instrument, soldering machine, mixer.

Cob light strip production process:
1. First, apply solder paste to the PCB pads through an automatic solder paste brushing machine. The coating uniformity and thickness of the solder paste determine the quality and flatness of the soldered wafers, as well as the quality of the soldered chips.
2. Load the PCB board coated with solder paste on the carrier, input and set the die-bonding program of the chip through computer programming, adjust the direction and height of the die-bonding, and confirm the electrode direction of the chip.
3. Do a small-batch die bonding test first, and inspect the appearance quality of the PCB that has been bonded, determine the direction of the bonding, whether there is solder paste, and whether the position of the bonding is correct, and the inspected products will flow into the next process. .
4. Put the solid crystal PCB board and wafer into reflow soldering, set the temperature and speed of reflow soldering, solder the LED chip firmly in the reflow soldering, and conduct an electrical test after being released to test whether the LED chip emits normally.
5. After testing the LED chips on the PCB board, the powder mixing process of silica gel and phosphor powder is carried out. According to the photoelectric parameters such as color temperature and brightness specified by the customer, different proportions are configured, and the prepared glue is defoamed in the positive air.
6. Fix the PCB board on the dispenser carrier for the dispensing process. The dispensing process is the most critical process for the success of the light strip. After dispensing, put the PCB board into the oven for baking.
7. After the glue is dispensed, test the photoelectric parameters of the light strip to see if the test data meets the customer’s requirements.
8. After soldering the 0.5-meter PCB board, connect it to the requirements ranging from 5-10 meters. After the adhesive, use the reel to package the light strip.
9. After testing in small batches, there is no abnormality and then transfer to mass production.
The overall process of cob light strip production is relatively complicated, and each step is related to the quality of the light strip. It is necessary to treat each step rigorously to ensure high-quality finished products.
As a new type of linear lighting product, cob light strips have no absolute cost advantage over traditional linear lighting products. With the continuous maturity of subsequent processes and the gradual completion of the industrial chain, cob light strips will surely shine.
The cob light strip has excellent production technology, the color of its products is highly consistent, the light is linear, and the glue-wrapped lamp beads can achieve richer colors.

Post time: Jul-05-2022