Aluminum profile

Aluminum Profile Channel for LED Strip Lights

High quality anodized aluminum led strip channels, also know as LED Aluminum profiles or Aluminum extrusions or aluminum led light provile, aluminum housing LED light bar, are you best choice of installationg and function companion for LED Strip light projects. They are popularly used as led light strip diffuser to achieve better diffusion and set creative lighting effect, and work as LED Strip mouting channel to assist LED Strip Light installation. LED Light Channel with diffuser is often surface mounted for under cabinet lighting. Ceiling LED Strips Channel, Recessed LED Strip Channel, Trimless recessed LED Strip Channel, Suspended LED Strip Channel Profile, Stair Step LED Strip Channel, Buried Step LED Strip Channel, Bendable LED Strip Channel and Corner LED Strips Channal are the good choice for LED Strip application. The aluminum channels provide housing and protection for LED Strips. Working as heat sinks, they greatly improve the heat management of LED Strips.

These specially designed LED strip light aluminum channels can be installed perfectly in grooves of cabinets, ceilings, stairs, walls, and floors. The resulting lighting is aesthetically beautiful and stylish due to its elegant linear shape, spotless diffusion, and low profile, and unobtrusive contours.

Why Choose our Aluminum Profile Channel

1. Aluminum profile
As an important part of led linear lighting, the aluminum profile shell has a good decorative function, and the surface is finely oxidized. It can also be processed into different colors. The performance of the heat conduction fan can prolong the life of the led strip. Each of our products is expertly designed to increase fan area as well as ventilation and heat conduction structures. Aluminum has good rigidity, which is convenient for LED strips to be fixed in a straight line. In order to match various usage scenarios and matching power, we provide different styles of structural thickness to choose from. Thickened aluminum grooves can be used on the ground to prevent deformation from being stepped on. Special structural processing, we make it have a certain flexibility, can be arbitrarily bent in different shapes.
2. Cover
The PC cover on the LED linear light has the function of improving the light-emitting effect of the LED lamp beads. We usually have three colors of pc cover, each lampshade has a different light-emitting effect, so that the led strip is lit and the light is more uniform. So as not to hurt the eyes and achieve better lighting effect. Protect the led strip to prevent dust from entering and affecting the life of the strip. At the same time, our lampshade has a different special structure, with an all-plastic tubular sealing structure, which can achieve ip65 waterproof effect after being glued with the silicone head. The thickened structure can actually be adapted to high-strength pressing on the ground. Lens series masks can concentrate light and provide luminous efficiency.
3. The length
Standard length 1 m 2 m 3 m. Any other lengh below 3meter can be done. Some can be curled to a length of 3 meters or more, up to 50 meters / pcs, only PC material, the specific situation will be different due to different styles, need to be confirmed according to the order situation